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Fractional Marketing is outsourcing all or part of your business's marketing function on a part-time basis.  Fractional Marketing gives you an executive-level marketing leader (CMO) at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time marketing executive.  This means you get deep marketing knowledge and experience and an experienced leader who knows how to achieve business goals.  Bringing in a Fractional Marketer to manage your marketing efforts allows you to develop and execute a high-level marketing strategy without the costs or labor associated with doing the work in-house.  

The concept of fractional executives isn't new.  For years, small to mid-sized companies have been using fractional CFOs, COOs, and CTOs.  

Kristen Thompson from Thompson Marketing Partners can serve as your company's Fractional Marketer.  Top reasons to hire Thompson Marketing Partners:

  1. Your company's budget can't support a full-time marketing executive

  2. No one is leading marketing in your organization

  3. The sales team is creating their own marketing materials out of necessity

  4. You need marketing insights to help inform your business decisions

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